Memorable Facts from Oprah Winfrey’s Steven Tyler Interview

Oprah Winfrey’s new series, “Oprah’s Next Chapter,” premiered Sunday. Her first guest on the show was the lead singer of Aerosmith and “American Idol” judge Steven Tyler. She had an intimate interview with the rock star from his New Hampshire home on Lake Sunapee.

Here are some memorable facts learned about Tyler during their discussion of his family and career:

  • When Aerosmith fans sing his songs along with him at concerts, he describes it as feeling similar to making love.
  • His family did not want him to do “American Idol” for fear it might taint his image, but have since changed their minds.
  • He found spirituality while in the thick of the woods and found God in music.
  • Quote expressing the love he shared with his kid’s mothers: “When we made love we cried, and after that, we had a kid.”
  • Considers himself to be a realist.
  • In contrast to Simon Cowell’s role as a judge on “American Idol,” Steven Tyler came into his gig hoping “compassion, love, and fun could be the new black.”
  • Tyler reflecting on his rock ‘n roll lifestyle: “It’s a wonder I don’t have AIDS from what I’ve done.”
  • During a candid moment of the interview, he expresses a certain amount of loneliness from not having anyone in his life he can talk to “in high-definition understanding” like Oprah.
  • Describes himself as “a guy who lives on the tail of a comet.”
  • His daughter Mia on having Steven Tyler for a father: “(We) had a very earthy, spiritual, playful lifestyle.” She goes on to call her father “the sunshine” in her life, but also expresses feeling abandoned by him for putting his career first. You can read more about her view of things in Mia’s book, “Creating Myself.”
  • He is an early bird, has a disfigured toe from performing, and found comfort in his father’s piano playing as a kid.
  • Oprah asks if it’s possible for him to be both monogamous and a rock star, to which he replies, “Yes… because I don’t want to hurt anyone.” Also helping, though, is his current girlfriend’s notice that if he cheats, she cheats.
  • The rock icon believes forgiveness is the answer to everything.

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