Getting Hooked on Ballroom Dancing

So, you’ve found a good dance studio, taken a few group classes, and learned the basics of a few dances. Maybe you’ve even splurged on a pair of dance shoes. Either way, you’ve now decided that you’re hooked on ballroom dancing? Well, I’m not surprised. It happens to a lot of us.

Maybe you took up lessons to learn how to dance well, and now you want to go a step further, to be a good dancer (please note – dancing well and being a good dancer are not the same thing!). So, what’s your next step? Here are a few tips and suggestions.

Ballroom Dancing Tips

1. Keep practicing!

The only way you become a good dancer is through continuous learning and practice. Be sure to show up regularly for group classes and, if you decide to take them, private lessons. Remember, as Woody Allen said, “90 percent of success is showing up.” Then be sure to practice what you learned in classes. If you have trouble with a particular step or pattern, stay a few minutes after class and ask your partner or instructor to go over it with you. Try to practice your technique at home. Be sure to regularly attend your studio’s social parties. If there are social dances taking place in the community where you live, go to those. They are a great opportunity to use what you’ve learned and raise your confidence level as a dancer.

2. Consider taking private lessons

Group classes are a great way to get started in ballroom dancing. You learn the basics of different dances, get a good introduction to steps and patterns, and meet a lot of new people. Group classes do not, however, offer the kind of individualized attention that refines your technique. To really progress in your dancing, however, you should take private lessons. For men, private lessons are a great complement to group classes. While the latter introduces a variety of dances, as well as their basic steps, the former focus heavily on technique and teach how to properly lead a partner through the steps and patterns taught in group classes. Private lessons are more expensive than group classes, but they are well worth it. What’s more, if you want to become a good dancer, they are essential!

3. Keep having fun!

Maybe you want to take part in competition or perform in a dance showcase. Or maybe you just want to continue as a social dancer. Whatever your goals, remember to have fun!

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